Types of Retail Wall Units


Types of Retail Wall Units

When shopping for wall unit shelving you want to get a product that has the functionality you need and the best price. There are several types of wall shelving including interior wall shelving, which are installed inside the wall while wall-mounted wall shelves are installed on the outside of the wall. Examples include gridwall shelves, gondola shelves, and vertical shelves. Single-sided commercial shelving units that feature a bottom shelf and an inside back panel which is capable of housing either pegboard, slatwall, gridwall, or another rigid board is available. There are also several types of single-shelf wall units that have double doors. These shelves are available with non-slip backs, adjustable shelves, and corner shelves.

One of the most popular types of wall unit shelving includes wall retail shelving units. Retail stores and office supply stores commonly use these to display shelves for products like CDs, DVDs, clothes, books, movies, snacks, and lunch bags. These types of retail shelves are designed to have a flat base with a flat bottom or to have a wall base and a non-slip backing. There are several different sizes of retail shelves, ranging from one to three feet wide and six to eight feet tall.

Other common types of wall unit shelving include heavy merchandise shelving and heavy weight retail fixtures like free-standing inventory racks. Heavy Merchandise Shelves include shelves that feature heavy merchandise such as CD’s, DVD’s, video games, jewelry, pipes, tools, appliances, musical equipment, watches, and CDs. Heavy stock shelves are sometimes used for storing long items such as furniture. Long wall units, which are typically between six to twelve foot wide, are perfect for storing large, bulky items such as furniture and piano benches.

Another common type of wall retail shelving is corner shelves. Corner shelves are typically two to four feet wide and can be installed in any room. Corner shelving units feature adjustable pegboards to help you position your items properly. Some corner shelving units may also offer adjustable magnetic Pegboard Locks to keep your items secure.

Built-in shelving units are ideal for closets. Built-in shelving makes it easy to find items that you need. You can install built-in shelving in a closet to make it more efficient. You can install an entire wall unit in your closet if you need to. A built-in closet is especially useful when you have a limited amount of closet space.

These types of retail wall units are made to store all kinds of different items. There are many different types of wall shelves available to fit with your store layout and your personal needs. No matter what type of retail shelving you need or what type of retail wall units you need, it is possible to find the one that best suits your needs. Many of these units are customizable to fit all your store layout needs. The more you know about your store layout, the easier it will be to shop for the right unit.

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