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Mind The Gap-5 Creative Ways of Utilizing The Space Under Your Stairs

When planning your home remodeling project, you can easily skip some areas unaware of their incredible hidden potential when it comes to under stairs storage ideas. For instance, that precious space under stairs storage should do more than hide old musty coats and items without a home. Instead, you should transform into a gorgeous, cozy nook, a hidden Narnia wardrobe, or a playhouse for your kids under stairs storage.

Here are some brilliant under stairs storage ideas through which you can put that hollow triangular spot to effective use. under stairs storage.

A Home Office

If you cannot find a separate room to set up your home office, consider the spaceunder stairs storage. It is an incredible place to sit and handle your paperwork and a perfect homework area for the kids. You can also use it to house your home computer both for work and fun.

Go Green

Find several low-light houseplants and create a perfect little nook for them in this space. You can start with some inbuilt under stairs shelves and then weave your plants among ornamental items such as books and baskets. Well, there is no better way of transforming this random space into a cool, mini-green delight.

A Den For Your Furry Friend

Everyone loves a little space- including your furry friend. This is even more crucial when your dog pet has become old and irritable. You can build them a great pet corner comprising a simple bed and a few drawers right under stairs shoe storage. After a long, wintery stroll, your furry partner can sit there, relax and cool off. Besides, the drawers are convenient for storing the pet’s toys and treats. Be sure to check out Tylko’s article for more insights on how to use the under stairs shoe storage here:

Create Your Own Chill Spot

Another brilliant under stairs ideas.You can create the ultimate chill spot right under stairs shoe storage with just a little shelving and a bench. The under stairs shelves would go a long way in homing those CDs and books that can no longer fit in their racks. You can also choose to go for a more comfortable seat where you can cuddle up, relax, and unwind in your little world.

A Playroom For Your Kids

Your kids are definitely going to enjoy this kind of under stairs ideas. You can also throw in some cutouts to the wall to fit your child’s imagination, whether they want a house, school, shop, etc. You can also utilize this place to house the storage cubes for toys.

From kitchen pantries to libraries and even wet bars that space under stairs shoe storage can do more than just take up space. With few resources and a little creativity, there is so much you can do with this space that is always left untouched.